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Jaguars roster cuts tracker: Jacksonville trims roster to 53

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

With the preseason wrapped up, the Jacksonville Jaguars have until Saturday at 4:00 p.m. EST to cut their roster from 90 players down to 53. No more intermediate cuts to 75 like in years past — just one cut that nearly cuts a training camp roster in half.

The overall cut down shouldn't be that difficult this season. Thursday night’s game against the Atlanta Falcons (and who didn’t dress and who played more snaps than anticipated) showed us most of the roster.

Today might be a bit slow, but you never know when some players will be notified about their status. Some teams like to cut particular players early as a way to be respectful and give them a leg up in landing another job. That’s what Friday will probably look like.

If you see a cut, post it in the comments, but please try to make sure it's from a legitimate source and link the source. When we have the full list of cuts we'll make a new post to discuss the real final 53-man roster.

Players cut

RB DeJuan Harris

DT Tueni Lupeamanu

CB Charles James (via Mike Kaye)

C Demetrius Rhaney

LB P.J. Davis (via Mike Kaye)

RB Jonathan Grimes

WR Larry Pinkard

WR Jamal Robinson

TE Caleb Bluiett

OT Malcolm Bunche

LB Akeem Dent

CB Dwayne Thomas

Injured reserve

TE Mychal Rivera

S Jeron Johnson


FB Marquez Williams

Live blog

5:56 PM: The Jaguars roster currently stands at 75 after Mychal Rivera and Jeron Johnson were placed on injured reserve and Marquez Williams is waived/injured.

3:50 PM: P.J. Davis is gone, according to Mike Kaye from First Coast News.

1:47 PM: Jeron Johnson has been released, per Mike Garofolo.

1:16 PM: Backup interior offensive lineman Demetrius Rhaney gone.

11:57 AM: Mike Kaye from First Coast News reporting that cornerback Charles James is gone.

10:14 AM: It begins with backup running back DuJuan Harris.

8:59 AM: Not exactly a cut, but it could greatly affect the weekend. What are the Jaguars going to do about Allen Hurns?