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You should expect the Jaguars to beat the Texans, period

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

“If the Jaguars win on Sunday it will be one of most impressive wins of last decade in the regular season.”

And so tweeted Brent Martineau, the Sports Director at CBS47/FOX30 and a radio host with Jacksonville’s 1010XL radio station.

When I first saw it, there was something of a visceral reaction inside of me about it — not necessarily because I disagreed with it (although I did) but because it represents an entirely different attitude going into the season than we were served seven months ago when Doug Marrone was hired as the permanent head coach and Tom Coughlin was picked to lead the front office shortly thereafter.

Win now.

Win today.

Win lunch.

There is nothing else but winning.

These were the slogans we were sold early in the offseason process.

Seven months ago, the expectation was to win. Days before the game, it’s a hope... a glimmer... the most impressive regular season feat of this Jaguars team in years.

Don’t buy it.

I don’t mean to pile on, Brent. I really don’t. The reason I’m using your words is because I think they are indicative of where some fans are currently. We’ve given up that the expectation is to win now and to win today. We’re at a place where a win is no longer expected but rather would be akin to a miracle — a once-in-a-decade event.

The expectation seven months ago was to win now. And the expectation today, as we face a team led by a quarterback who has never thrown an NFL touchdown, should be the same.

Win now, Jaguars. Win today.