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Go make us look like idiots today, Jaguars

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Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Blake Bortles is terrible and can’t separate himself from Chad Henne.”

“He’s broken. He’s only getting worse.”

“Having Doug Marrone as the head coach of your team is so deflating.”

So it went all offseason and even into the preseason — the Jacksonville Jaguars looked bad. Really bad. The offensive line was inconsistent, the head coach was telling the media his ideal number of pass attempts in a game was zero, there was a quarterback competition in the third week of the preseason, Blake Bortles was being benched in practice.

For months, we were down on this team. It seemed at every turn, there was something to be discouraged about. Six wins was surely the ceiling. Brandon Allen was definitely going to start at some point. There was no way this defense could carry the offense for more than a couple of victories. Tom Coughlin could very well replace Doug Marrone.

And then Week 1 happened.

And then Blake Bortles effectively managed a game.

And then Leonard Fournette ran for 100 yards in his NFL debut.

And then the offense didn’t turn the ball over.

And then we didn’t allow any sacks.

And then the defense set franchise records in all sorts of categories.

And then Dante Fowler scored a touchdown.

And then, and then, and then...

Now we’re just a few hours away from kickoff against the winless Tennessee Titans and this team has a real chance to go 2-0, with both wins coming in our division. The Indianapolis Colts are imploding around a poorly constructed roster. The Houston Texans aren’t seeing Deshaun Watson develop quickly enough.

The AFC South seems to be in shambles. The Jaguars, inexplicably, are not.

Make us look like idiots today. We’d love nothing more than to be proven wrong.

Go Jaguars.