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4 Jaguars players who stood out in 37-16 loss to Titans

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Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars absolutely embarrassed themselves against the Tennessee Titans today, losing 37-16. The offense couldn’t do anything other than three-and-outs, the defense finally wore down in the second half, and the play-calling was confusing and questionable.

Which Jaguars players specifically stood out (in a bad way)? Here are my choices:

1. Blake Bortles

It begins and ends with the quarterback play in a loss where the offense looks as inept as it did today. The receivers and tight ends dropped plenty of passes, but the interception was fully on Bortles. He was inaccurate, locked in on receivers, and never looked comfortable.

2. Marqise Lee

Lee was obviously the guy getting the lion’s share of targets in Allen Robinson’s absence and he dropped several passes, including two on third down. He had 12 targets and managed just seven catches for 76 yards and zero touchdowns.

3. Cam Robinson

After a dominant season opener, Robinson struggled in both pass protection and run blocking. The play where he allowed a sack showed the rookie still has work to do on technique. “His angle is too flat,” former Jaguars offensive tackle Leon Searcy said during the game. “He's reaching, not punching and the results are sacks.”

4. Nathaniel Hackett

Not a player, but his play-calling was atrocious. He never let a flow develop early in the game by effectively splitting the reps between Chris Ivory and Leonard Fournette. What? Why? And why are you running into defenses that have eight or nine guys in the box? I know Bortles is awful, but... jeez. You led an offense that had five drives today of four plays or less. I’m surprised the defense didn’t break down earlier than it did.