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Maurice Jones-Drew: Colin Kaepernick is better than Blake Bortles or Chad Henne

Former Jacksonville Jaguars running back has a great solution to the quarterback meltdown we’re experiencing here: Colin Kaepernick.

We don’t need to trade for him, he fits the offensive system, and he’s a better quarterback than anyone on the roster right now. Just listen to what he had to say recently on NFL Network:

Here’s the full quote:

“You have to go find a quarterback that can win games either with his legs or with his arm. Something to keep that offense on the field. But seriously though, Colin Kaepernick though... there are people in Jacksonville who are literally crying for them to go do research and bring him in. Because they know that with him, you can run the ball more, your defense wouldn’t be on the field all the time, and he’s better than what you have there. I mean, point blank period, both of those guys — listen, Blake Bortles, we know what he is. Some people, that’s who they are. You can continue to say, ‘We want to use him or continue to do this.’ I was in Jacksonville and we were doing Inside Training Camp and they said our season is gonna be on his back. That’s what everybody do. Well, you were able to hide him the first week. Now you’ve kind of been exposed by the Titans. What’s gonna happen when you play the...”

And that’s where the video cuts out.

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