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10 college quarterbacks to watch this weekend

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Find out how and when you can watch the top quarterback prospects.

NCAA Football: Tulsa at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know, the quarterback situation in Jacksonville is less than ideal. Many fans have already turned their attention to the top college prospects for next year’s draft, and honestly, I’m right there with them. With that being said, I thought it might be nice to have a weekly piece that will highlight some of the top quarterback prospects, and note when and who they will be playing, and how you can watch them.

Obviously, the college football season will prove to be a shifting landscape for players and their outlook as NFL prospects, so this list will ebb and flow as the year moves on. Also, I realize that some might not want to discuss quarterbacks anymore, or start draft talk this early; that’s perfectly fine. This is my disclaimer that this will be the topic of this post every week, so if it’s not your cup of tea, it might be best to move on. One final note, these are not listed in any ranked order, but rather what order the games will be played in. Let’s dive in!

Mason Rudolph - Oklahoma State

Rudolph is actually done for the week, as he completed his game on Thursday night, against Tulsa. He looked a little rusty at times, but overall he had a very nice game. Rudolph finished 20/24 for 303 yards, with 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. He also added a rushing touchdown.

Trace McSorley - Penn State

Opponent: Akron

Date: Saturday, September 2nd

Time: 12:00 PM


Notes: McSorley is a fun player to watch, and he’s caught some fans’ eye with his play. Akron isn’t the strongest of teams, but it will be interesting to see if he can get his season off to a good start.

Josh Allen - Wyoming

Opponent: Iowa

Date: Saturday, September 2nd

Time: 12:00 PM

TV: Big Ten Network

Notes: This is a critical game for Allen. He has struggled in the past against higher competition, so this is his chance to go out and prove himself.

Baker Mayfield - Oklahoma

Opponent: UTEP

Date: Saturday, September 2nd

Time: 3:30 PM


Notes: The Heisman finalist from 2016 returns for his senior season, minus fellow Heisman finalist, our own Dede Westbrook. Oklahoma also lost Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine to the NFL, so can Mayfield keep his performance up minus those weapons?

Sam Darnold - USC

Opponent: Western Michigan

Date: Saturday, September 2nd

Time: 5:15 PM

TV: PAC 12 Network

Notes: Darnold is currently the apple of the NFL Draft analysts’ eye. He was impressive as a freshman last year, but questions remain about his throwing motion, as well as his performance against higher level competition. Western Michigan isn't likely to provide any insight to that latter portion though.

Jarrett Stidham - Auburn

Opponent: Georgia Southern

Date: Saturday, September 2nd

Time: 7:30 PM

TV: SEC Network

Notes: Stidham is a name that was mentioned to me multiple times on Twitter when I first started discussing the games this weekend. Stidham used to play for Baylor, and after taking a year off at a junior college last year, he’s back with the Tigers. Georgia Southern might not be among the elite in college football, but it will be important for him to get off on the right foot.

Lamar Jackson - Louisville

Opponent: Purdue

Date: Saturday, September 2nd

Time: 7:30 PM


Notes: One of the most polarizing figures in college football and NFL draft circles, Lamar Jackson returns to defend his Heisman crown. Reports are that he will be under center more this year for the Cardinals, so it will be fun to watch and see if Jackson can prove he belongs under center in the NFL as well.

Deondre Francois - Florida State

Opponent: Alabama

Date: Saturday, September 2nd

Time: 8:00 PM


Notes: Francois might not be at the top of the draft prospects page of your favorite sports site, but he’s a guy who’s got a lot of buzz among people who discuss the draft year round. Some questions linger about whether he will even declare after this season, but many believe he could be a quality NFL quarterback should he decide to bolt. Francois gets the chance to prove himself right out of the gate, with a week one showing against the Crimson Tide.

Luke Falk

Opponent: Montana State

Date: Saturday, September 2nd

Time: 10:30 PM


Notes: Falk is a guy who most draft analysts think of as a project, considering he plays for Mike Leach, and the system that entails. However, he seems to be a fan favorite, and he definitely has some intriguing skills. Montana State shouldn't help to prove too much one way or the other, but hey, it’s a late game; might as well watch the kid and see what he has.

Josh Rosen - UCLA

Opponent: Texas A&M

Date: Sunday, September 3rd

Time: 7:30 PM


Notes: Rosen might be the most interesting name on this list. He dazzled at times as a freshman for the Bruins two years ago, but missed most of last season with a shoulder injury. Is he fully healed from the injury? Is he ready to take the next step forward? His accuracy can be outstanding, but some question his attitude. When these two teams met in 2015, Myles Garrett and Texas A&M terrorized Rosen all game. Can he get better protection this time around?

Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss all of the college games. Also, if there is a quarterback you feel we should keep tabs on this year, feel free to mention them down below.

Enjoy the college football kickoff weekend!