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6 days until kickoff: Ranking every Jaguars kicker in team history

Carolina Panthers at Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Matt Stroshane/Getty Images

With just 6 days until kickoff, let’s rank former No. 6 Seth Marler and the 10 other kickers who have ever kicked a field goal for the Jacksonville Jaguars in their team history.

"Kickin’ it with..."

11. Hayden Epstein: Lasted one year with the team, has the lowest field goal percentage in team history, and was a waste of a draft pick for us. Go Jaguars.

10. Seth Marler: Another one-year guy for the Jaguars and has the second-lowest field goal percentage.

9. Tim Seder: Replaced Epstein, but still sucked.

8. Jaret Holmes: No field goal attempts, but he got an extra point for us in 2001.

7. Richie Cunningham: Hit every field goal (one) and extra point (two) that was asked of him.

6. Danny Boyd: Same (five field goals and seven extra points).

5. Steve Lindsey: Wasn’t so much a field goal kicker, but a long-distance guy who led the league in touchbacks during their 1999 run. I always thought it was weird we’d give up an entire roster spot for just a guy who handled kickoffs, but Tom Coughlin won 14 games with him doing it so whatever.

4. John Carney: Solid for us during our 2007 run when Josh Scobee was injured.

3. Jason Myers: Has nearly a better field goal percentage (82.9%) than extra point percentage (85.9%).

2. Mike Hollis: Beloved as the first kicker in franchise history, but a weak leg derailed what was Hall of Fame accuracy late in his career.

1. Josh Scobee: All time leader in points for the Jaguars. No. 10 in our programs, No. 1 in our hearts.