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Jaguars are 4 point dogs to Ravens in London

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The Jaguars are once again underdogs as they head to London.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars get ready to head to London for the annual game across the Atlantic, this year taking on the Baltimore Ravens. Once again the team enters the week as an underdog, as they opened up at most books as a four point underdog, which shouldn’t be too shocking considering their performance last week against the Tennessee Titans.

Through two weeks we’ve kind of seen both ends of the spectrum for the 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars. Dominating a bad offense with the Houston Texans and then getting dominated and eventually breaking against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. In London against the Ravens, the Jaguars offense will have no respite.

The Jaguars offense is matching up with a defense that has forced 10 turnovers in the first two games of the season, including eight interceptions. The Jaguars on offense have a player who seems to have not only a tendency to turn the ball over, but to turn the ball over multiple times with Blake Bortles. While the Ravens offense will likely be limited by the Jaguars defense, the real key is going to be how many times do the Jaguars turn it over?

The Jaguars aren’t a team built to win uphill, and the fastest way to the bottom of the hill is a turnover.