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7 observations from the Jaguars 44-7 win over the Ravens

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars trounced the Baltimore Ravens by a score of 44-7 in London today.

What stood out to us?

1. There is no doubt: this defense is legit

Look, I know the Ravens aren't the 2007 Patriots on offense. However, the absolute dominance the Jaguars defense showed this morning was incredible. The Ravens only recorded one first down in the first half, and three when the game was actually in tact. The defensive line was dominant, the linebackers were all over the field, and the secondary were on the Ravens receivers like white on rice. The performance against Houston was also dominate, recording 10 sacks in the game. This game though, felt just a bit more complete. Each unit was dominate, especially the secondary. Which leads me to....

2. Jalen Ramsey and A.J Bouye could be the best cornerback duo

This is what the Jaguars were looking for when they signed Bouye to a 5 year-67 million dollar contract this spring. Ramsey showed last year how talented he is, and Bouye was a guy entering his prime, who could form a dynamic duo in Jacksonville. Bouye got picked on the first two games, and this will happen when Ramsey shuts down one side of the field. But Bouye is better than pretty much almost any other number 2 corner in the league, and his play today showed. Both Bouye and Ramsey had incredible interceptions. This is a ddefense that has struggled forever with forcing turnovers, and now they have two playmakers who can take the ball away form the other team.

Let me also just take a second to note how freaking good Ramsey is. As of right now, he has played like one of the best couple of corners in the league. Teams don't dare to throw to his side, and when they do, it ends up like what happened to Flacco today. Ramsey is the best player to play for the Jags since MJD, and the ceiling is the roof for him. (Shout to the G.O.A.T Michael Jordan).

3. Bortles played well, and he deserves credit for today

Bortles is most likely going to have an up and down season. Games like this, and games like last week. Give credit where credit is due though, Bortles played well today. Bortles was 20-31 for 244 yards, and 4 touchdowns. Most importantly though, 0 turnovers. Bortles stayed in his comfort zone, and also allowed his receivers to make plays, especially Marcedes Lewis. if they can get more games like this out of Bortles, it gives the Jaguars a chance to win every Sunday with that defense.

4. Using Marcedes Lewis in the red zone is a good idea

Throwing to your 6'6, 250 pound tight end in the red-zone is a pretty good idea. Lewis has been forever underused by the Jaguars, and while Lewis is past his prime, he still is a useful weapon for the Jaguars. With Allen Robinson out for the season, Lewis seems like the next man up as a target in the red-zone. Also, I'd run Lewis  up the seem like he did on his 30 yard touchdown every play. I always feel like the seem route up the middle is not utilized enough, especially vs. cover 2.

5. Leonard Fournette had another game where numbers don't do him justice

How can you not love this dude? Fournette always seems to fall forward, and makes plays out of nothing. The 3.5 yards per carry don't look great for the eye test, but I thought Fournette did well in this game. His wiggle, and his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield are what impresses me most in his first 3 games.

6. Myles Jack and Telvin Smith are under-the-radar very good

I don't think the Jaguars have ever had this kind of speed at linebacker. We already knew Telvin had wheels, but Jack is showing his athleticism as he gets more comfortable playing middle linebacker in passing situations. The defensive line and the secondary get a lot of talk, but the play by these two is just as impressive. This is the most athletic defense the Jaguars have had by far the last 10 years. Also, not having coverage liability in the middle of the field every play is a really nice thing.

7. The Jaguars must take advantage of this win

Go out and beat the Jets next week. They are the better team. They have a dominate defense. And for one of the only times in the season, they have a clearly better offense then the other team. Dominate them like they did to the Ravens today. Go 3-1,a nd establish yourself as a legit chance to make the playoffs. Good teams beat the teams they are supposed to beat. Next week will be a big test for the Jaguars in that theory.