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Blake Bortles doesn’t know who Freddie Mercury is and it’s upsetting me more than it probably should

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Queen - It's A Kinda Magic Tribute Show Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 2-1 but their season will likely be coming to a screeching halt due to a potentially career-ending development with quarterback Blake Bortles:

He doesn’t know who Freddie Mercury is.

It all started in the postgame interview — head coach Doug Marrone was asked what he thought about the Freddie Mercury tribute concert in London and he gave an absolutely Hall of Fame answer:

“Probably, yeah, one of the great experiences outside of football and my family. Dr. Sachin Patel was the doctor. He was the head doctor at Wembley, and I was able to come in through ambulance, come in, I had a medical jacket on, so I had full access to everyone, and it was an outstanding experience. I've been to a lot of concerts in the States and here, and I don't think I've ever been to a concert like that in my life. It was by far one of the greatest memories I'll ever have.”

Put him in the damn Pride right now.

Then Bortles was asked what he thought about his coach going to the concert and if he knew Marrone was a big fan of Freddie.

Bortles’ response:

“I don't know who Freddie Mercury is. I'm sure it was a good song.”




Blake, no. If you’re reading this, please @ Blake on Twitter (his username is @BBortles5) with your favorite Freddie Mercury song. Link him to some YouTube clips. Help the poor man out.