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2017 NFL Week 4 DFS advice: We are all Lloyd Christmas

“Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!

That’s right. The Jaguars are Lloyd Christmas. We all are. 44-7. I had my eyes checked too. It’s correct. Forty-four to flipping seven over the pathetic loser Baltimore Ravens.

Hey Ravens — do you even NFL, bro?

I’m not sure what in the world happened, but I loved every second of it. Whatever the opposite of sucking is, that was it.

Honestly, what a week for the team as a whole, but even more importantly, what a week for our Week 3 Ultimate Jaguars DFS team!

As you know, every week I will help you build the best DFS Jaguars based team so you can not only root for the Jaguars as a whole, but also your favorite players, and who knows, maybe even win some money doing so.

Let’s recap last week quickly and see how our team did:

Blake Bortles – 27 Points
Carlos Hyde – 24 Points
Leonard Fournette – 17 Points
Mike Evans – 14 Points
Dez Bryant – 9 Points
Allen Hurns – 11 Points
Travis Kelce – 1 Point (WHY DIDN’T WE START MARCEDES?!)
Marshawn Lynch – 4 Points
Jaguars DST – 14 Points

Total Points – 121

Overall, I was really happy with the outcome. Every Jaguars player we started ended up with double-digit fantasy points. The big miss was not listening to Maurice Jones-Drew and starting Marcedes Lewis, but... hey, there’s always this week!

That said, let’s get to our Week 4 Ultimate Jaguars DFS Lineup.

As always, my lineup consists of a lot of value Jaguars players, as well as guys I think are great overall DFS values. This roster is consisted of a $50,000 salary cap and configured by Draft Kings salary prices:

QB: Blake Bortles - $5,300

Will Blake Bortles throw for four touchdowns again this week? No. He’ll throw for five.

Okay, maybe not… but I do agree with Alfie that Bortles is a confidence driven quarterback.

Do I think that maybe, just maybe, Blake could surprise us with back-to-back great performances based on his confidence from last week? Yes.

Is he worth putting in your lineup as the 27th overall priced quarterback? Yes.

Start him again. If worse comes to worse, there’s always garbage time.

RB1: Leonard Fournette - $6,700

A little more expensive to get Fournette in our lineup this week, but let’s be honest… I can’t foresee a week where we build a Jaguars based DFS team without the star offensive player on the team on it. He’s a must-start player who has found the end zone every week of the season.

RB2: Dalvin Cook- $6,500

Career high in carries. Five targets. Five receptions. A touchdown. Dalvin Cook is becoming one of the few elite three down backs in the league right before our eyes. At one point, he was either targeted or included on seven straight plays last week. Nothing will change as this Minnesota Vikings team faces off against the Detroit Lions, which I believe will be a high scoring affair. Get him in your lineups.

WR1: Odell Beckham Jr. - $8,900

If I had to vote right now for an NFL MVP, it would be very hard for me to not give the vote to Odell Beckham Jr. The man single handedly changes the entire offense of the New York Giants more so than any player I have watched on any team this year. Coming off of 13 targets, 9 receptions, and 2 touchdowns, Beckham is about to face a Tampa Bay defense riddled with injuries. And the best part… he’s not listed on the Giants injury report meaning we get to see Odell at 100% this week. Gimme.

WR2: Marquise Lee - $4,500

Hey, do you know who the most targeted player in the Jaguars offense is? That’s right, it’s Lee.

Last week he had seven targets and is averaging 8.0 targets per game. I know that Allen Hurns is the one we’ve seen make it into the end zone, but when you have a player leading the team in targets and the team is scoring touchdowns, that just means that it’s a matter of time before said player scores one himself.

I’m calling my shot and saying that Lee will have a seven catches, over 100 yards, and a touchdown this week. For $4,500, it’s easy money.

WR3: DeVante Parker - $6,700

Regardless of the Miami Dolphins’ lack of success, there is no question that Jay Cutler and DeVante Parker have serious chemistry. With 12 receptions on 19 targets and a score in just two games played, I fully expect Parker to eat up the horrific New Orleans Saints secondary for a big week. He’s priced as a WR4 where I think he’ll finish this week as a WR2 at worst.

TE: Marcedes Lewis - $2,800

I doubted. Now, I believe. That is all.

FLEX: Bilal Powell - $4,600

I know. He plays for the New York Jets. The Jaguars are playing the Jets this week. How can I put the enemy on my fantasy team?! Well, since you asked…

1) Matt Forte is probably not playing this week.

2) Powell should be the lead option at running back for the Jets.

3) I fully expect the Jets to be down several scores causing them to pass the ball a lot.

4) I fully expect the Jaguars to put major pressure in the Jets backfield leading to quick dump-off passes and check downs. All of that said, who’s the person who’s going to benefit the most? Bilal Powell.

DST: Jaguars - $3,400

Do I really need to say anything? Did you watch last week’s game? I just got goosebumps again even thinking about that defensive performance. They’re playing the Jets, you guys. The New York Flipping Jets. Blood is already in the water.

So, there you have it. My ultimate Jaguars-based DFS team for Week 4. You know, we’re all Lloyd Christmas. The Jaguars have sucked us right back in. Will the Jaguars win 44-7 again this week? I’d say the chances are like one out of a million…

“So... you’re telling me there’s a chance?!”