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4 days until kickoff: Bryan Barker, the first and best punter we’ve ever had

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Bryan Barker

With just 4 days until kickoff, let’s talk about the first (and greatest) punter this Jacksonville Jaguars franchise has ever known — Bryan Barker.

The 11th most punt yards of all time

That’s right. Bryan Barker has the 11th most punt yards of all time. After 16 seasons and six teams, he racked up 47,641 yards on 1,132 punts for an average of 42.1 yards per kick.

Coming into the NFL, Barker failed to receive any offers and played semi-professional football until being invited to the Denver Broncos training camp in 1988 and then to the Seattle Seahawks in 1989. He didn’t catch on with either, but did sign with the Kansas City Chiefs in 1990 and played four seasons there.

Then it was one season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Then six with the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars before ending his career with Washington, the Green Bay Packers, and then St. Louis Rams.

While not known for having a strong leg, he was a good directional punter. But he did boom an 83-yard punt against the New York Jets in 1999 from the Jaguars' own 5-yard line to the Jets' 12-yard line.