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2 days until kickoff: Jason Myers — No. 2 in our programs, No. 1 in our hearts

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NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Training Camp Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

With just 2 days until kickoff, let’s talk about the time No. 2 Jason Myers missed a 26-yard field goal attempt and then made a 53-yard game-winning field goal in the same damn game.

Go Jaguars.

In a fairly lackluster matchup against the Baltimore Ravens, Jason Myers looked more off his game than he ever had previously during his rookie season.

At the end of the third quarter, with the Jaguars down 14-13, Blake Bortles & Co. actually put together one of their few good drives of the day. But they stalled in the red zone and had to get the kicking team out there for a consolation 26-yard field goal.

And then Myers hanxed it.

Then at the end of the game with three seconds left, Elvis Dumervil grabbed Bortles by the facemask and a penalty was called immediately. Myers was called on again to attempt a 53-yard field goal — more than twice as long as the one he had just missed.

And he made it.

He actually made it.