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Big Cat Country Q&A: What responsibility does Tom Coughlin bear in this Jaguars mess?

We haven’t even played a game yet.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ regular season opener against the Houston Texans!

Jon from Beverly Hills, CA

Q: What do you perceive to be the Texans’ biggest weakness heading into this game?

A: I would say quarterback, but Tom Savage does well against us. Maybe their run game? Or the fact that the Texans may have some injuries on offense?

Kyle from Orlando, FL

Q: With 99.9% of the country rooting for Houston due to Hurricane Harvey, what aspect of the Jaguars will help them to deliver another L to Houston?

A: First, what do you mean by “another”? Blake Bortles has never beaten the Texans. Ever. We haven’t beaten them since 2013 and we’ve only done it twice since 2010. They own us. There is no “another”. We are underdogs by a touchdown on Sunday and deservedly so — they have the better quarterback, better defense, and better coaching staff. As far as what gives us the best chance, it’s our run game. If our offensive line starts playing like an NFL unit, I think we stand a chance.

Dusan from Serbia

Q: Who is better in this moment: Blake Bortles or Chad Henne? And your prediction about this season?

A: Chad is better, Blake can be better, and we’ll finish 4-12.

Dustin from Redding, CA

Q: Why wasn't Brandon Allen ever considered for the quarterback job?

A: My best guess is he was really bad in practice. So was Blake Bortles, but it is what it is.

Princefigs from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is there any chance we find a trade partner to get a worthy starting guard on our team before the whole season is lost?

A: No.

Brandon from Ocala, FL

Q: How many defensive touchdowns do we need to win Sunday?

A: At least one.

Sean from Jacksonville, FL

Q: We have major holes in the offensive line, no competition was brought in at quarterback, and the defensive line has looked mediocre this preseason. I say this as a huge fan of Tom Coughlin, but what amount of responsibility does he bear for these problems with our football team? What is going on in the front office?

A: Tom Coughlin’s apparent ineptitude at running a front office is a storyline that is flying way too far under the radar this offseason and I don’t really know why. I also don’t know why more fans are giving him a ton of slack when he didn’t really improve this team in areas it needed to be improved. Why didn’t we bring in a single free agent quarterback? Why didn’t we at least go for someone in the draft? What about a trade? Why not sign a guard in free agency when plenty were available? Why are we so gun shy when it comes to spending in the areas where it would most improve the team? We still have somewhere around $36 million in cap space. Why not use half of that on a left guard and another quarterback?

Jeff from Midland, TX

Q: Do you think Leonard Fournette and our defense can overcome our quarterback and offensive line woes?

A: Leonard Fournette depends on his offensive line and the quarterback is the most important position in professional sports. No, I do not.