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Dede Westbrook: ‘That one was on me! I’ll bounce back.’

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Dede Westbrook dropped one of the most important passes of the game on Sunday. And he knows it.

With 5:15 left in the third quarter, the Jaguars were in good field position — 34 yards away from the end zone and with a first down to do whatever they wanted. Dede Westbrook is the lone receiver lined up on the left side and he takes off down the left sideline when the ball is snapped. Blake Bortles throws him the best ball he had all game and... hits him in the hands and falls harmlessly to the grass.

If the offense gets that score it’s 15-10 with 18 minutes to play. Yannick Ngakoue hadn’t scored his defensive touchdown to that point. He might not have if this is the way it goes, but the offense certainly has more momentum. It’s a different ball game and one the Jaguars would have probably snuck away with.

Instead, Westbrook jogs back to the huddle for second down.

After the game, Westbrook took all the blame — not just for the play but for the loss as well, according to John Oehser.

“The ball was placed perfectly on the money. It’s my job as a receiver and me calling myself a playmaker to make that play… I know this game fell in my lap and of course I didn’t execute the play…”

He took to Twitter later that night saying: “That one was one me! I’ll bounce back. I promise!!!! #HappyNewYear”

Westbrook will have at least one more chance to prove himself as the Buffalo Bills come to town for the AFC Wild Card matchup on Sunday at EverBank Field.