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The Jacksonville Jaguars are mad as hell

The Jacksonville Jaguars are mad as hell.

They’re tired of your jokes. They’re sick of you looking past them and onto the next game. They’re not gonna take you insulting their quarterback anymore.

They’re 60 minutes away from the Super Bowl and unless you’re on one of three other teams in the entire league you can’t say that.

So that’s why when Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Mike Mitchell dismissed today’s matchup and wanted to talk about an AFC Championship rematch with the New England Patriots, the official handle had to clap back...

...and why Malik Jackson was livid on the way to the locker room.

When Jurrell Casey said Blake Bortles was “going to choke” if the game was in his hands, Jackson had to respond to him too.

Jalen Ramsey wasn’t going to not talk about the Steelers looking past them either.

Marcell Dareus wants everyone to stop calling the Steelers a great team because, well, they aren’t.

Barry Church couldn’t wait to get out of “weak ass Pittsburgh”.

These aren’t just jokes. This team is angry. They’re pissed. And you’re not looking past them anymore.

And if you won’t give them the respect they’ve earned, well, maybe you should just log off Twitter for a while.