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Blake Bortles and Frank Reich are only quarterbacks undefeated in playoffs with more than one start

Frank Reich

Blake Bortles has joined some elite company with wins over the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs this year. He’s one of only two quarterbacks in NFL history with an undefeated postseason record who has started more than one game.

Frank Reich is the other, a perennial backup for Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills who was actually pretty productive when Kelly went down with injuries during the 1992 NFL season.

There are five other guys who have 1-0 records in the postseason — Glenn Presnell, Irv Comp, Paul Christman, Bill Wade, and Gifford Nielsen. But only Reich and Bortles have multiple starts and undefeated records.

For the record, no quarterback has more than two postseason starts and an undefeated record.