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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: This lucky fan will go to Super Bowl LII if team beats Patriots

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This lucky Jacksonville Jaguars fan will go to the Super Bowl if they beat the New England Patriots -

Leonard Fournette was involved in a 3-car accident in Jacksonville... but he’s okay! -
The Florida Highway Patrol is confirming that Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette was involved in a three-car accident, according to reports from WJXT and Ashley Harding.

Jacksonville Jaguars should heed valuable playoff lesson ahead of New England Patriots -
Imagine Bill Belichick playing the video clip to make a point during a New England Patriots team meeting as they ramp up for yet another AFC Championship Game.

It’s Jalen Ramsey, full of youthful vigor and bravado, during the celebration at EverBank Field on Sunday night, after the Jacksonville Jaguars’ return from Pittsburgh and their smackdown of the careless Steelers.