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Mark Brunell is still mad about pastries 20 years later

NFL: International Series-UK Live Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday we saw that local bakery Cinotti’s Bakery sent Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlistberger seven turnovers for his seven turnovers this season against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Good harmless fun that I’m sure Big Ben will laugh at. Well, not everyone found it amusing, especially former Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell.

Pretty weird thing to get mad at right? Well, there’s some history here that’s very personal to Mark Brunell. He had the same thing happen to him back in 1996. After a 17-14 loss to the then St. Louis Rams, Brunell received six turnovers for his efforts in a five interception day.

An excerpt from Jags to Ritches:

His mood got no better the following night. Lex and Terry, the same two disc jockeys who gave away the Beuerlein jerseys to the homeless-- turned their wits on Brunell, sending one of their assistants to his weekly television show. The assistant carried a box of six jelly-filled “turnovers,” one for each of Brunell’s interceptions, and another for the fumbled kickoff.

The audience laughed. Brunell didn’t. Upon receiving the box, he looked unamused. Forcing a smile, he threw one of the turnovers at the assistant. The assistant threw it back, getting jelly on Brunell’s shirt. That set the tone for the week.

Man that had to give some kind of hurt if Brunell can’t even laugh at it now and appreciate it as a light hearted joke.

If anything, Brunell has proven to be pretty lame since he left the Jaguars. Remember him crying on ESPN about deflated footballs?