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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Super-fan with Stage 4 cancer surprised with tickets to AFC Championship

Jacksonville Jaguars super-fan with Stage 4 cancer surprised by team with tickets to AFC Championship game against New England Patriots -

What can we expect from the New England Patriots defense? -
In my opinion, on offense we should expect to see a much of what the Patriots ran against the Tennessee Titans last week based on where the two offenses’ strengths and the similar areas both quarterbacks struggle). By now I’m sure you know that Bill Belichick is great at scheming ways to force teams do the one thing they are generally not the greatest at. He plays the percentages that this won’t be your one in a million great day, and is usually correct.

Trent Dilfer to Blake Bortles on critics: “Don’t listen to us...” -
If social media was as prevalent in 2000 as it is today, Trent Dilfer would have been the object of much ridicule when he quarterbacked the Baltimore Ravens to a 34-7 victory over the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV.

He easily could have been called the worst quarterback to win a Super Bowl, throwing more than 12 touchdowns only twice in 13 seasons and never topping 21.

So Dilfer understands what it’s like to walk in the cleats of Jacksonville’s Blake Bortles, who has been beaten up on social media arguably more than any quarterback in the NFL the past few seasons.