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The Jaguars will not be going to the Super Bowl, according to the NFL’s official Facebook page

If the NFL’s official Facebook page is any indication, the New England Patriots will face the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl LII.

That’s right, before a down has even been played during Conference Championship Weekend, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles have been counted out by the NFL’s social media team.

The following image is a real screenshot from the NFL’s verified Facebook page.

The Patriots, try as they might, can’t prevent bulletin board material from seeping into the media.

I went back and looked through the NFL’s Facebook page to see if they did any other potential Super Bowl matchups (personally, I think it will be Jaguars vs. Eagles in the Super Bowl) and I couldn’t find anything. This is the only one that exists.

Now, was this the piece of the puzzle that NFL conspiracy theorists needed to prove that the league clearly favors two teams over the others? Or was it a social media intern accidentally clicking Publish instead of Schedule?


What do you think?