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Jaguars offense is concerning, but could get right Sunday

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense seemingly got hit with the same arctic blast that’s sweeping across the United States, in that they’ve gone cold at the end of December. The team started hot in the month with multiple touchdowns, no real turnovers and scoring loads of points but ended the month with five turnovers in the last two games and only scoring three points in the 15-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Blake Bortles has been the biggest culprit with the turnovers, with five interceptions in the past two games, but Sunday’s loss wasn’t just because the passing game wasn’t working. Nothing seemed to, as the Jaguars generated just 229 total yards and going 6 of 16 on third downs.

Bortles struggled passing the ball, the offensive line allowed more pressure than you’d like (though this narrative he was under duress all game is incorrect), and the run game couldn’t get going. Now the Buffalo Bills defense isn’t nearly as good as the Titans’ defense, but Tennessee is barely a Top 15 unit.

The Bills enter Sunday’s playoff game, their first since 1999, with the 26th ranked overall defense with the 29th ranked rush defense, so it could be a good day to get the run game and Leonard Fournette going.

The real concern with beating the Bills for the Jaguars isn’t going to be if they can stop a potentially LeSean McCoy-less offense, but which Jaguars offense is going to show up to play and can they score.