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NFL Network (almost) unanimously picks Jaguars to beat Patriots


If you think the New England Patriots are the overwhelming favorite in the national media, think again. NFL Network analysts, made up of former players like Shaun O’Hara and Cliff Avril, all picked the Jaguars to win — all except for linebacker Willie McGinest who coincidentally played for the Patriots for 12 seasons.

A jinx? Probably not.

A sexy pick? Maybe.

A win-win situation? Yup.

Regardless of what you think about their chances, if you pick the Jaguars to win and they lose, you have the hand injury and Jacksonville’s elite defense to fall back on. If you pick the Jaguars to win and they win? Buddy,,,

For what it’s worth, the Big Cat Country team (almost) unanimously picked the Jaguars to win as well. Only one person picked the Patriots.