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What is your favorite Super Bowl moment?

St. Louis streets re-named Photo by Bill Greenblatt

The Super Bowl is in two weeks and this will probably be tough for a lot of people to talk about so soon after Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots, but what are some of your favorite Super Bowl moments?

For me, I always think back to Super Bowl XXXIV between the then St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans. I mean, if I’m still feeling the pain of a loss what is a better salve than smiling at the gut busting loss of a division rival? Plus, the Jaguars totally would have beat the Rams in 1999.

It was largely a defensive game, even with the “Greatest Show on Turf”, but the Rams had triple the Titans yardage at halftime with only a 9-0 lead. The Titans got back into the game, but ultimately couldn’t put it all together and get the win.

Then there is that iconic image of Kevin Dyson stretching his arm out to be one yard short of the goal line and the win.

Man, I feel better already thinking about that.