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Bovada gives odds for Blake Bortles as 2018 Jaguars starting quarterback

AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

If Bovada is right, the Jacksonville Jaguars stand a good chance at starting someone other than Blake Bortles at quarterback to start the 2018 NFL season.

That’s because Bovada is giving Bortles 11/10 odds at being the quarterback, but any other current quarterback is getting 5/4 odds.

Bovada odds for Jaguars starting quarterback in Week 1

Blake Bortles: 11/10

Any Other Current Player: 5/4

Chad Henne: 5/1

2018 Draft Pick: 5/1

Think of it like this — Bortles has 22/20 odds and another NFL quarterback has 25/20 odds. Chad Henne and a rookie quarterback are both distant options, getting 100/20 odds.

But the first two are very, very close and clues us in to how Vegas is thinking. It won’t be a rookie and it probably shouldn’t be. Your window is now and it’s probably shut in two or three years. A rookie takes at least a season to be better than what you currently have. A veteran could be better right away.

Who’s putting bets in to Bovada today?