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Where is your favorite place to watch the Super Bowl?

NFL: JAN 07 AFC Wild Card  Bills at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In recent years, the Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t so much as sniffed the postseason, much less the Super Bowl, so deciding where to watch the final game of the NFL season wasn’t much of a question — the matchup typically wasn’t one I cared about so I’d end up watching with a bunch of friends at a noisy house party.

But this year, I was a game quarter few minutes away from really, actually caring about the outcome. What the heck would I do?

Typically, I don’t really watch the games. I’ve got the CBS feed on a 10-second delay so that I can go back and forth between catching funny screen grabs or writing quick articles highlighting big plays or touchdowns. I’m not really following the game.

Now, there have been a few games I haven’t done that — mainly due to going to the game. I was at EverBank Field for the Wild Card game. But those are few and far between.

But last weekend I realized what the heck I would do.

This past Sunday morning, I packed up the family and we drove to Jacksonville to watch the game with my parents and my brother. It was just a few of us but I got to actually watch the game. I wasn’t glued to my laptop looking for the next thing to rake in the #pageclicks. I was pacing back and forth, black and mild in hand, glued to every play. I only went back to my phone during commercial breaks or timeouts.

And that would be my ideal Super Bowl if we’re being honest — away from my laptop, away from my phone, and with a few family members.

But we’re at a Super Bowl where, again, I could care less about the matchup. So I’ll probably grab some beers and go to a house party. Hanging out with a bunch of friends with the game as background noise for the first three quarters has typically been pretty fun.

It was last year, at least.

What about you? Do you really like to focus on the Super Bowl regardless of matchup? Or is it more background noise like me?