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2017 NFL season review: What grade would you give the Jaguars?

AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As the Jacksonville Jaguars head into the offseason — presumably to fix their quarterback situation in free agency and their lack of young tight ends in the draft — it’s time to start looking back on what was a memorable, if not ultimately underachieving season.

Who thought the Jaguars would secure a playoff spot and the division title before the end of the year? Who thought we’d get our first home playoff game in 18 seasons and then end the AFC Championship game mere minutes away from a trip to Super Bowl LII.

Not me.

The defense played at a historically good pace and the offense was good enough at times to carry the team.

It’s time to grade each aspect of this team and name some individual awards. Let’s go.


@AlfieBCC: C+

@ryaneatscake: C+

@zach_goodall: B

@marhsim: C+

@ryanobleness: B-

@J_Siettmann: B

The Jaguars offense was solid, often taking advantage of how their elite defense set them up and being able to wear teams down as the game went on and bleed the clock. It helped being able to have a steady diet or running the football in combination of picking up chunk plays. While their scoring rankings look good, they are bouyed by points score off turnovers and defensive/special teams scores, so it will be interesting to see how sustainable that becomes.


@AlfieBCC: A+

@ryaneatscake: A

@zach_goodall: A+

@marhsim: A

@ryanobleness: A+

@J_Siettmann: A

The Jaguars defense was the best in the NFL this season. They put pressure on the quarterback, they stifled passing attacks and got better against the run with some additions and as the season went on. Calais Campbell seemed to make the whole thing tick, but the defense also benefited from some insane injury luck, missing only Telvin Smith for two games and some other players for just a handful of plays.

Special teams

@AlfieBCC: B-

@ryaneatscake: B

@zach_goodall: A+

@marhsim: B

@ryanobleness: B

@J_Siettmann: B+

Ed. Note: Zach wanted me to make sure everyone knew his A+ was because he’s in love with Josh Lambo. Carry on.

Special teams were hot and cold, but more good than bad. The addition of Josh Lambo seemed to take it to another level, as we no longer had to worry about a field goal try or extra points. The return game showed some promise with Jaydon Mickens, but the punting went from pretty good to mediocre at best by seasons end.


@AlfieBCC: B

@ryaneatscake: B-

@zach_goodall: B+

@marhsim: C

@ryanobleness: B+

@J_Siettmann: A-

Over all the Jaguars coaches did a nice job. They were able to scheme together a functional offense, though at times that struggled and was figured out. On defense they simply just had to put their players in spots to make plays and they did. The Jaguars roster has a lot of talent, but I think the coaching staff did a great job in getting the most out of some of the players they have.


What grade would you give the Jaguars this season?

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