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The Tennessee Titans just hired a fake football coach

Marcus Mariota is entering his fourth season and the Tennessee Titans will live and die by how well he performs. Unfortunately for the team, he’s largely underperformed his first three years in the league — both by a lack of talent around him but also by poor coaching and a misguided scheme that doesn’t emphasize his skills. So when the front office thinks it’s time to reset the coaching staff, you can’t not hire the guy who helped Adam Sandler hone his throwing motion.

The Titans just hired Pat O’Hara as their quarterbacks coach. Typically these sorts of hires just fly under the radar. I mean, who outside of Jacksonville cares about Scott Milanovich?

But no, this can’t go, Titans fans. Your new head idiot Mike Vrabel is assembling a coaching staff for the ages. Instead of taking the normal approach and hiring from the top down, you’ve decided to hire several position coaches while leaving your offensive and defensive coordinator positions vacant. Bravo, Mike.

And when you need Mariota to take that next step, you go with O’Hara — the guy who was the second-string quarterback in Any Given Sunday who got injured right after Dennis Quaid and allowed Willie Beamen to get a shot. He’s also a movie consultant who helped Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson look like better quarterbacks on screen.

Before that he was on a few practice squads and followed that up with about a dozen coaching jobs in the Arena Football League. Then he was an offensive assistant on a Houston Texans team that had a stellar offense. This is the guy you’re tasking to help revitalize your franchise quarterback’s career.

Titan up.