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Casey Hayward and Jalen Ramsey argue over who’s the best cornerback in the NFL

Jalen Ramsey can’t believe it, folks.

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is an All-Pro cornerback at his first Pro Bowl this season. He’s the best cover corner in the NFL, always matched up on the opposing team’s No. 1 receiver. He was a big reason why the Jaguars clawed their way to within minutes of Super Bowl LII and why the team’s future looks very, very bright.

Don’t tell any of that to Casey Hayward though.

On Saturday morning, ESPN posted a video that shows Hayward of the Los Angeles Chargers making his case as the NFL’s best cornerback at an AFC Pro Bowl practice. Ramsey could not believe it.

The video starts with Hayward telling Ramsey that the Jaguars had the best duo in the league (referring to fellow All-Pro cornerback A.J. Bouye) but that Ramsey wasn’t the best cornerback in the league. Ramsey responds with “I am, though!” and that’s when Hayward says he’s the one who should have won those All-Pro honors.

Thanks to SB Nation for transcribing Hayward’s argument here:

“He follows the No. 1 [receiver], I follow the No. 1,” Hayward says. “My completion [percentage] was better than his, my QBR was better than his, I had more pass breakups than him. What is he talking about? We both followed the No. 1 and everything was better than his ... We did the same exact thing, he’s just taller than me and he can run faster. I’m a football player, man.”

Regardless of their order (Ramsey is the best, sorry) both the Jaguars and Broncos should be excited about their secondaries going forward.