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Super Bowl 52 party recipes: 3 easy dishes you can make on Sunday

Let’s talk about food, baby. Yeah, honey, just you and me.

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The Super Bowl is a time for subpar football matchups and really good food. You’ve got a bevy of options to choose from — wings, dips, breads, desserts or whatever else it is you’re making for your party this weekend. And we here at Big Cat Country want to make sure you’ve got some killer dishes to bring to your party.

(No, it’s not court-ordered community service, stop saying that.)

So without further ado, here are three of our favorite recipes from our buddy over the years!

Super Bowl Winning Chili

There are plenty of things loved by a majority of the people; vacations, football, and pizza would sit high on this list. But none bring about a debate as much as something as simple as chili. Should the chili have beans, and if so, should they be kidney, black, or pinto? Should a chili be made with beef or pork? How spicy should it be? Is a white or verde chili still a chili?

I may not be able to answer all these questions, but I can help you reach that final goal of a chili that is worthy of your favorite ways to eat.

Key factors to making a bowl winning chili:

Use more than one kind of meat for a deeper flavor and contrast textures.

Make your own chili powder; you will thank yourself in the end. Be sure to use spices that are less than a year old, otherwise the flavor may have wilted already.

Be sure to build the flavors as you make your chili; do not do too much too quickly. Take the time to: cook the meat in multiple batches, fully cook the tomato paste, select a beer that will give you the flavor you want in the end, braise you meat for the appropriate time (just letting it cook and cook and cook is not the right way).

Remember that in the end, you are the one eating it, add and take away things that you enjoy in your chili.

Check out his recipe here and wow every single one of your family and friends.

Bold City Wings

Buffalo wings and football seem to go hand in hand. Hot, crispy, spicy chicken draped in that perfect sweet spicy buttery sauce and dipped in that creamy, cooling blue cheese dip while watching the nation’s two best teams seems to go hand in hand as well.

Here are the key factors into getting your wings to be the talk of the party:

You need jumbo wings, people. JUMBO wings. No one wants some wimpy wing that is barely an ounce, and remember half of that ounce is bone. Dredge your wings. There are plenty of people who want to have “naked” wings, but we are trying to keep these wings crispy for as long as possible, a quick dredge will help accomplish this.

Make your own sauce. I am not saying go grow some peppers and milk a cow and then let’s get busy making this. Just grab your favorite hot sauce and add a little honey, cider vinegar, and butter, heat to a boil, thicken with a little cornstarch slurry and BOOM BEST SAUCE EVER — at least that you have made.

Make your dip. Even if it is just mixing a packet into some sour cream, buttermilk, and mayonnaise mixture. That is going to be far better than pouring something out of a green bottle. (Yes, I understand that the refrigerated section has some good ones. Stop interrupting me.)

Read more about making some killer wings here.

Garlic Fries

No one knew how to put garlic and parsley on fresh fries? Do I have to do everything around here?

Learn how to make some easy (and tasty!) garlic fries here.