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Blake Bortles treating Sunday like a ‘normal’ game

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are hosting their first playoff game since 1999 on Sunday when they welcome in the Buffalo Bills, which is a huge deal for the city and fans. For some players like Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles however, they’re trying to just treat it like any other normal NFL game.

“I think, personally, treat it normal. Go through the week normal,” Bortles said on Wednesday. “The routine and everything will stay the same and then when you get the opportunity, it’s obviously going to feel a little different.”

While he’s approaching it like a normal game, Bortles recognizes that it’s a big deal to the fans.

“Playing a playoff game in Jacksonville hasn’t happened in a while, so having that opportunity to play in front of our fans and our city and our stadium, I think, is awesome,” Bortles continued. “I think that the emotions and the energy in the stadium will probably be a little heightened, but as far as what happens between the lines, I’d imagine it’s similar. It’s probably a little amped up a little bit. I think everyone realizes it’s your last chance. If you lose, you go home, it’s over. So there’s no reason and no excuse to play as hard as you can every single play, but I think our guys do that on a weekly basis anyways and I’m excited to go out there for this opportunity.”

The way the Jaguars are going into the playoffs has a lot of fans worried, coming off losing two straight and the offense being a total train wreck last week against the Tennessee Titans. Not to mention that Bortles hot December started ended ice cold throwing five interceptions in the final two games.

In order to win on Sunday, the Jaguars will need Bortles to bounce back and get back to how he was playing a few weeks ago, so maybe approaching it as any other week is in his best interest.