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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Leonard Fournette buys offensive line Rolex watches

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Leonard Fournette buys Jacksonville Jaguars offensive linemen Rolex watches for reaching 1,000 yards -
In Leonard Fournette’s first regular season in the NFL, he rushed for 1,040 yards and nine touchdowns in 13 games, rewarding the Jaguars for their decision to pick him fourth overall in last year’s draft. Even he understands that his success wasn’t just about himself.

As the Jaguars get set to begin their postseason run after a 10-6 season, Fournette made sure his offensive line understood just how much he appreciates their ability to open up holes by buying Rolex watches (with their numbers and initials engraved on each watch) for seven of the Jaguars’ offensive linemen. They’re expected to arrive on Friday.

The JAX Airport trolled Buffalo Bills fans in a big way -
To the only Bills touchdown this weekend: On our runway. Current view of our Air Traffic Control Tower!

How to spot real Jacksonville Jaguars gear from the fake -
With the Jacksonville Jaguars’ first home playoff game in nearly two decades right around the corner, the northeast Florida chapter of the Better Business Bureau said scammers are trying to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the team.

According to the BBB, about 100 people have called so far in 2018 to report scam websites offering fake gear to get a hold of your credit card information.