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How can the Jaguars offense beat Leslie Frazier’s defense?

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars can beat the Buffalo Bills — and this offense will be a big part of it. Let’s get to the analysis.

Pressure from the outside will force Blake Bortles to step up and make quick accurate throws to the middle of the field. There are times where the Bills safeties play Cover 3 Buzz. This is where their free safety will drop into the middle of the field next to the linebackers taking away the post route. The Jaguars are familiar with this defense and it’s a perfect time to utilize their quick slant routes across the middle with Allen Hurns and Marqise Lee.

As you can see on this play against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Bills drop the free safety into the middle of the field disrupting Alex Smith’s first read, forcing him to throw off his back foot to the slant over the middle of the field resulting in an incompletion.

This is a coverage the Jaguars have seen before against the Indianapolis Colts on Week 13. Keelan Cole is open for the slant but Blake senses pressure and overthrows Lee on the outside instead of stepping up and recognizing the open space. These are adjustments that the Jaguars must make when facing one of the best safety duo’s in the league.

Against the Cover 3 Buzz, a duo cross Slo-go and Slant route would be open down the left seam but left tackle Cam Robinson and the rest of the offensive line must give Blake time for these routes to develop.

Bills defensive backs Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer have five interceptions each on the season, these guys are great in the middle of the field and great disguising their coverage, this means the running back in the flat, slant routes and double moves will be great schemes to use against this Bills defense also.

The Bills corners often play off the wide receivers leaving a cross route open for business, Matt Ryan recognizes this and throws to Hardy on the stab route. Week 15 against the Houston Texans the Jaguars see a similar defense with the middle of the field wide open. Dede Westbrook should see a lot of similar looks like this one against the Bills defense.

Even though we wanted to take a look at how Nathaniel Hackett can take advantage of the Bills secondary, I believe the game is going to ultimately going end up in Leonard Fournette’s hands. He is going to be the key to this game. If the offensive line is healthy and can make it out for some Pulls, the C gap open up and Fournette should see some large gains on the ground up the seam.

Buffalo allowed the Los Angeles Chargers to gain 146 yards on the ground because of Melvin Gordon’s speed to the second level of the defense. They motion here to move the Bills linebackers, this is to create space to the play side and the right guard pulls to pick up the outside rusher.

The Jaguars have many run plays with and also without a fullback, but Week 6 they use Tommy Bohanon and A.J. Cann on the pull to allow an 11-yard rush by Fournette.

The Jaguars can absolutely win this game but its going to be defensive heavy with stopping LeSean McCoy as the main focus. Even though he was carted off last week with an ankle injury LeSean always makes sure he is out there each week leaving all he has on the field. Blake Bortles must stay composed inside the pocket and read the corners and safety’s while in coverage.