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Jalen Ramsey knew the game-sealing interception was coming

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Buffalo Bills 10-3 on Sunday in a game that was a struggle for both offenses, but thanks to an incredible play by All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey, he ended the Bills season allowing the Jaguars to take a knee and end the game.

“It was big,” Ramsey said after the game when asked how much making that play meant for him. “Regardless of if I would have got the pick or not, I think we would have held them on the defensive side of the ball. That’s just the confidence I have in the defense and the team and what we can do.”

Ramsey was disappointed they allowed the Bills to even score three points, but on the game-sealing interception he knew exactly where the ball was going to go and was able to bait Jacksonville native Nathan Peterman into making the throw.

“Yeah,” Ramsey said when asked if he saw the interception coming.

The Bills starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, took a big shot a few plays earlier and had to leave the game, which left the rookie Peterman to try to make a herioc game tying drive at the end of the game. It didn’t work out, as he was going against the best cornerback tandem in the NFL and they knew what was coming.

“Usually in situations like that when we’re up in the two minute with the corners we play 10 yards off and not more,” Ramsey said. “Two plays before that, with Peterman we played the same coverage, we played off and he threw that quick hitch to AJ’s (Bouye) side. They line up in the same formation, just flipped on my side so I figured they were running the same route. I took a read step and as soon as he threw it I broke on it.”

Ramsey tipped the ball to himself in the air, securing the football as he fell to the ground and popped up to celebrate. Ramsey ran to the endzone and did his best Jumpman impression, dunking the Bills playoff hopes through the upright.