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Blake Bortles had an impressive passing day against Patriots on film

NFL: New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In Week 2 against the New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles had probably his best game as an NFL player, just absolutely shredding the Pats defense. Let’s take a look at some of the impressive plays from Bortles and the offense in Week 2.

It’s the first quarter, 3rd and 6 and the Patriots are showing blitz.

The linebackers are showing blitz here and the strong side linebacker is actually going to drop back in coverage to pick off anything going right behind the line and the other linebacker will come free with a blitz right through the B gap.

Blake sees man to man and the blitzer, who is the only receiver without a defender in press, over Austin Seferian-Jenkins. He is able to hit Seferian-Jenkins, who guarded by the safety. I’d love to just point out the quick dip of the shoulder by Blake and he jukes right passed the blitzer.

This was the first time Blake showed poise and confidence inside the pocket week 2.

Patriots send seven at Blake, fortunately for the Jaguars, most teams are trying to stop the run and leave single-high over the top and Keelan Cole burns Eric Rowe..

…and that’s not the first time Cole Burns Rowe

…or the first time Keelan Cole punishes the New England secondary..

Just before the end of the 2nd half the Jaguars face themselves with a 3rd & 7 on their own 39 yd line. Bill Bellichik decides to try and force Blake to make a quick and accurate throw, so he called a 7-man blitz.

….this was one of his best throws in the entire game.

As Blake gets comfortable and he knows the clock is ticking, his poise begins to really show. The end of the second quarter he starts anticipating the defensive zone reads and starts stepping into his throws, and this my friends is “climbing the pocket”

We’re now in the third quarter where the Patriots switch to man-to man. The pocket isn’t collapsing because the OL is able to keep all the rushers in front but it’s certainly pushing Blake further backwards, he is on his heels to make this throw; and on any other day this may have been enough but not on this day in Duval County, not on September 16th vs the AFC Champions the New England Patriots.

You know it’s a good sign when you can actually see Blake going through his reads. The offensive line was blocking great and despite the high throw (poor Dede) he is able to hold on to make it 2nd and 4. On the next play Blake see’s blitz on a play action pass and *still* manages to get it off to DJ Chark. If you watch the misdirection here, Blake turns his back completely around to sell the fake.

If there is one takeaway from Week 2 that Blake knows to work on would be looking off his receivers. He hasn’t been surrounded by many receivers that aren’t a rookie.

On this interception New England is in man-to-man with nine yards until the first down. Patriots defense are aware of the crossers and the middle of the field being a weapon for Blake.

It takes #31 DB Jones to watch Blake’s eyes as he’s telegraphing the pass to ASJ and before he even lets go of it, Jones already left his man and the Patriots, inevitably come away with the football.

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