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Jamaal Charles could have immediate impact for Jaguars offense

NFL: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars picked up veteran running back Jamaal Charles on Tuesday, filling a hole on the roster when Corey Grant was added to injured reserve. If the Jaguars were not going to give up any capital to add a back to the roster while Leonard Fournette continues to miss time, Charles was probably the best case scenario what you were going to find on the free agent market.

The big question is, how much of a role will Charles really play in the Jaguars offense?

“I don’t know of the situation right now, but I’m definitely getting my mind prepared for whatever. [I am] up for the challenge,” Charles said on Wednesday when asked about how many carries he’s expecting. “I’m here, I’m in uniform and whatever coach asks me to do … I’m just here to contribute, to make plays and win.”

I don’t know how many carries Charles is going to get on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, but I do think he’s going to factor into the offense quite a bit. The big benefit that Charles brings to the table that the Jaguars were missing out with Fournette on the shelf is that you can play him on every down and he’s very similar in style to TJ Yeldon.

Charles is adequate in pass protection, he can catch out the backfield and he can run between the tackles. That means the Jaguars offensive game plan and formations shouldn’t change much when Yeldon has to come off the field for a sideline. Unlike with Grant, you can do all of the same things in a single back set with some level of effectiveness with Charles without completely tipping your hand.

How much Charles has left in the tank, I don’t know, but he was adequate for the Denver Broncos last season and if the Jaguars can just get that out of him until Fournette is back, it’s a good signing.