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What if the Jacksonville Jaguars were an NBA team?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season officially kicks off tonight! To celebrate its arrival, I wanted to take a look and see if we could construct a basketball team solely comprised of Jacksonville Jaguars players.

Without further ado, here’s your Jaguars starting five!

Point Guard — Dede Westbrook, 6’0”, 178 lbs.

Dede’s our best wide receiver in space, so it makes sense that he’s our starting point guard. He’s averaging 64.5 yards a game, with most of that coming after the catch. Who can forget his 61 yard touchdown to ice the game against the New England Patriots?

Backups — Leon Jacobs, Myles Jack

For our backup point guards, we look towards the defense. Leon Jacobs and Myles Jack are both fast, strong athletes who can fly in space. They make sound open field tackles and would be a valuable compliment to Dede’s style of play.

Get Leon Jacobs on my team ASAP.

Shooting Guard — Jalen Ramsey, 6’1, 208 lbs.

With long arms and excellent recovery speed, Ramsey is exactly the athlete we need at the shooting guard position. I mean, have you seen this video of Ramsey dunking?

Backups — A.J. Bouye, Telvin Smith Sr.

A.J. Bouye is a similar athlete in the mold of Jalen, albeit more technically oriented. Him and Telvin are absolute speedsters who can cut to the rim and finish. Plus, this video of Bouye outrunning current shooting guard Jaylen Brown is all the proof you need that Bouye should be on the team.

Watch Bouye literally stare at Brown while he’s running. He makes it look too easy

Small Forward — DJ Chark, 6’4”, 198 lbs.

Although we’re on the lighter side for a shooting forward, Chark has the best combination of height and speed on the team. A 6’4” athlete who runs a 4.34 40-yard dash is someone you absolutely need on the team.

Backups — Dante Fowler Jr., Ronnie Harrison

Two absolute monster hitters, Fowler and Harrison are both tall and fast athletes who can play multiple positions. We’re gonna have to work on Fowler’s spin move though.

Power Forward — Austin Seferian-Jenkins, 6’5”, 262 lbs.

Seferian-Jenkins is one of the new-age tight ends whose basketball skills transferred to football. As a walk-on at the University of Washington, he was praised for “his skills as a rebounder with his ability to high-point a football as a way to develop football skills,” according to Raphael Chillious, an assistant coach on the Washington Huskies’ basketball team.

Speaking on his experience playing basketball at the University of Washington, Seferian-Jenkins said “It helped me out a lot. I played basketball my whole life. It definitely helps. It translates to going up for rebounds and going up for balls in the end zone. Quick feet. It helps with getting in and out of your cuts. It definitely all translates to football.”

Backups — Blake Bell, Taven Bryan

Newly signed Blake Bell makes the team solely on his physical traits. At 6’6” and 252 lbs, Bell ran a 4.80 40-yard dash. Taven Bryan is another athlete who makes the team because of his explosive first step, enabling him to easily blow by NBA defenders. Now, if he could just translate that to the field and improve his awareness...

Center — Calais Campbell, 6’8”, 290 lbs.

Campbell is the tallest Jaguar and an absolute behemoth if you haven’t seen him in person. He makes Malik Jackson, who’s 6’5, look small in comparison. Calais has 14 tackles for a loss so far, so his ability to penetrate the backfield and hold his own against the run makes for an excellent post player and defender of the paint.

Backups — Jermey Parnell, Malik Jackson

Jermey Parnell has an interesting relationship with basketball. He was an Ole Miss basketball player who hadn’t played football since eighth grade. He admits to not putting in the work or film study needed to be great at basketball. However, he gave football a shot during his senior year and appeared in five games. He impressed at his Pro Day and signed with the Saints as a rookie free agent after the draft.

Who did we leave off? Let us know in the comments below!