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Big Cat Country Q&A: Will Leonard Fournette play again this season?

NFL: New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s answer some questions ahead of today’s Jacksonville Jaguars’ matchup against the Houston Texans!

Steve from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Will Leonard Fournette ever play again?

A: Again? Yes. This season? Probably. It sucks that I can’t definitively say yes, but Doug Marrone looks genuinely frustrated and at a loss for an answer when he’s asked about it week after week. I would suspect that if the Jaguars are fighting for a playoff spot after the bye week, then he could be back. If they drop the next two? I don’t know. I’ll predict that he plays again around Week 12 with limited snaps against the Buffalo Bills. I’ll also predict that we’re 5-5 at that point and really needing a win to stay in this thing.

Tyler from Fort Lawn, SC

Q: When could we see Cody Kessler play?

A: If Blake Bortles has another two bad outings between now and the bye week, I’d make the change but I doubt the team does anything sans injury.

Kevin from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Q: We have sucked the past two games on both sides of the ball. So who do we cut first — Jalen Ramsey, A.J. Bouye, Yannick Ngakoue or Leonard Fournette?

A: First, we didn’t suck on defense against the Kansas City Chiefs. The defense gave up just 23 points and was on the field for nearly 33 minutes. That’s against what was the No. 1 offense in their home stadium. Last week? Sure. Everyone sucked. But against, the Chiefs, that was a failure of Blake Bortles and the offense. And gun to my head with those four players, I’d give up Fournette. But none of the four players you listed is a concern of mine going forward.

Anthony from Jacksonville, FL

Q: How long do you see No. 5 being a part of this team roster?

A: If he doesn’t drastically improve, I think he’ll be gone after the 2019 season.

Pompey from Savannah, GA

Q: With the struggles on offense, will the Jaguars front offer consider Dez Bryant or trying to persuade Marcedes Lewis to come back after his release?

A: No and no.

Manuel from St. Augustine, FL

Q: What’s your overall assessment of Taven Bryan? I have recored and watched carefully all Jaguars games, but don’t see him having any impact? Is he a bust?

A: If you expected Taven to be making any significant impact in the first half of this season, you either had too high of expectations or you expected injuries. He was drafted to be a guy on a limited snap count through the first 8-12 games and then really ramp up as guys like Calais Campbell and Malik Jackson needed to rest up for what we thought would be a coasting into the playoffs. So far, Taven has averaged a little more than 16 snaps a game which is about where I put him at. You’ll see more of him (and more impact) as the year goes on but from the little we’ve seen I think he’ll be a net positive on this defensive line.

Al from Orlando, FL

Q: The Jaguars are somehow bad again. Can you guys please kill me?

A: Me first.

Monty from Maurice, LA

Q: Why are we not running the ball any more?

A: I have no idea. None. I wish I knew. T.J. Yeldon was gashing the Chiefs for 5.3 yards per carry and then saw two rushes after the middle of the second quarter. Not only that, but offensive coordinator went to the pass on third and fourth down at the goal line when it was a 10-0 game. Yeldon has averaged nine carries a game in the last two weeks and while both games ended in blowouts, these weren’t immediate blowouts. There was still time to get some momentum, let Yeldon catch a rhythm, and count on your defense to make a stop or two. Instead, we’ve let Bortles drop back or scramble 103 times over the past two weeks. That’s inexcusable.

Malcolm from Jacksonville, FL

Q: The defense will fix itself. Will we make any moves for a quarterback to help the offense?

A: Not this year, Malcolm. Not this year.