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The Jaguars regime is a fraud

The team’s decision-makers are showing zero awareness by naming Blake Bortles the starter.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-OTA Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

This current Jacksonville Jaguars regime is a fraud and Blake Bortles is an affront to everything they said they wanted to be.

Let’s face it — people underrate the quarterback’s ability to shape his team’s identity. Blake’s inability to overcome any deficit and turn the ball over more than any other quarterback in the league are perhaps most stunningly reflected in the statistic that the team is winless when they go down by any amount.

The team has no mental fortitude. That’s on the quarterback.

By naming Bortles the starter, head coach Doug Marrone shows no awareness about the status of his locker room and their feelings toward Blake. And Marrone is not alone in this decision — I have to believe the front office has some say on this.

It might seem premature given the team’s success last year, but I’m inclined to think that was more a fluke than a glimpse into a sustained championship window. And now the team has shut that window by extending Bortles and based on the results this year they might not be able to compete for much longer.

Sticking with Blake is a slap in the face to the team’s principles of winning the turnover battle.

Blake has never shown that ability.

He leads the league in interceptions (72) and turnovers (90) and pick-sixes (13) and off-target throws (468) and everything else that helps the other team since entering the league in 2014.


We haven’t even discussed how his contract ties into this ordeal.

This is not reassuring at all. I firmly believe Cody Kessler would’ve been named the starter had Bortles been given a different contract.

This regime completely botched the most important position in sports. They were arrogant that they could repeat their fluky 2017 season (and yes, it was a fluke). Coughlin is nothing more than a figurehead — as Bortles’ extension and this move indicates that Caldwell is still very much in charge of building this roster. As long as Caldwell’s in the building, Blake’s gonna start.

This team is going to look very different next year. They’re going to have to shed the bloated deals they’ve been handing out and eat lots of dead money. Drafting Taven Bryan, Dante Fowler and Luke Joeckel along with Bortles in the first round of four of your six drafts is awful.

Calais Campbell has to go. He’s not at the level he was last year and with a contract that massive that’s unacceptable.

Andrew Norwell hasn’t played like the highest-paid guard in the league.

Donte Moncrief? Full stop.

There’s no depth on this team and it shows. Time and time again this team shows their arrogance in self-scouting. They replaced Gus Bradley with Doug Marrone. They kept the same scouts, front office, and coordinators.

Why should we expect them to change their ways now and bench Blake?

With this decision confirmed what we all dreaded has come to pass — the championship window is closed.