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Jaguars continue NFL power rankings free fall

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars dropped their third game in a row on Sunday, losing to the surging Houston Texans at home 20-7. It was an ugly game to watch, I’ll admit I left at halftime because it was yet another game where they scored zero points in the first half and it felt like a waste of time. Sunday the Jaguars take on the Philadelphia Eagles in London and they’re underdogs for what is expected to be another tough game.

Any guess to what happened to the Jaguars in SB Nation’s power rankings after last week?

If you guessed another free fall, you nailed it.

AFC South

Hello, Texans! After losing their first three games to start the season, Houston has taken over the AFC South lead thanks to four-straight wins. The Titans started the season strong but are collapsing, which is also true of the Jaguars. Jacksonville went as far as to bench Blake Bortles in their loss to the Texans on Sunday. As for the Colts, they finally got their second win of the season, but it came against the Derek Anderson-led Bills. That’s not all that impressive.

The Jaguars fell from 15 in Week 7 all the way to 20 in Week 8. I want to say the highest the Jaguars were on the power rankings were No. 2 overall after the walloped the New England Patriots in Week 2, but ever since then they started sliding backwards and are now tumbling down the hill.