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Jaguars don’t trust their offensive line to run the ball

NFL: International Series-Philadelphia Eagles at Jacksonville Jaguars Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense has been a mess for weeks and the belief was that a lot of that stemmed from their injuries at running back and not being able to run the football. The offense had been going through quarterback Blake Bortles, who often struggles when he’s the one expected to carry the offense, but an odd statement by Doug Marrone after he was questioned about the offense calling just nine run plays in Sunday’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in London may point to bigger issues.

“You have to have the confidence with the guys up front being able to do it,” coach Doug Marrone said. “We just felt, at times, that we thought it was our best chance to make a play.”


I want to make sure I am understanding what Marrone is saying here. The Jaguars do not have enough confidence in their offensive line to commit to running the football, so much so that passing the ball 35 plus time per game is the better alternative.

Sure, the Jaguars left tackle position has been decimated, but you still have a high priced left guard starting. You still have the highest paid (still?) center in the NFL starting. You still have third-round draft pick who you decided to not challenge starting at right guard and you have another highly paid starter at right tackle.

You don’t have confidence in those guys that you can’t even try to run the football?


It’s not like the Jaguars were particularly good running the football in 2017, regardless of being the No. 1 ranked rushing offense, they still basically just got three yards and a cloud of dust on most attempts.

T.J. Yeldon is averaging over four yards per carry on the season and has been effective when given the ball, though he has also been playing injured, and you just traded a fifth-round pick for Carlos Hyde so you could get back to playing power running football and you run it... nine times because you have no confidence in your offensive line to run block?