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Big Cat Country Q&A: Is Doug Marrone vs. Andy Reid a matchup we’re not talking enough about?

NFL: New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs!

Tres from Gainesville, FL

Q: Should we at all be concerned about Jalen’s play this year? He isn’t getting torched, but he also doesn’t seem to be absolutely dominate. It seems like he may just be showing up and doing the bare minimum. I could be blowing this out of proportion, but I feel like I’ve seen him not give much effort on tackling somewhat regularly.

A: The Jaguars have allowed just four touchdowns through the first four games. One was the cause of a breakdown in run defense, two were in garbage time to Tom Brady, and the last was because T.J. Yeldon fumbled the ball deep in enemy territory. I say all that to answer your question from a slightly different angle — you should not be worried about anyone on this defense. Jalen was to blame for a late third quarter touchdown to Chris Hogan but that’s literally it and again, it came when the Jaguars were up 24-3. I would not be worried about Jalen until you start to see him make mistakes that affect the wins and losses column. So far, that hasn’t happened.

Daniel from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Which team will have the longest play from scrimmage?

A: The Jaguars.

Brandon from Atlanta, GA

Q: It isn’t often that I have concerns about an opposing team’s offense. But Kansas City seems to have the firepower to really cause some mismatches across the field. My question is this — do you think our pass rush will be able to neutralize their passing attack? It seems like no one has slowed them down yet.

A: I think our pass rush is our biggest hope for victory on Sunday. We saw last week that when Patrick Mahomes struggled it was when the Denver Broncos were able to pressure him. The Jaguars haven’t gotten as many sacks as they did at this point last season, but they’ve pressured quarterbacks consistently. I don’t think this week will be any different.

Ken from Sacramento, CA

Q: Do you think our defense can stop their offense? They’re just shredding teams.

A: I wouldn’t call what the Chiefs did last week as “shredding” the other team.

Kasey from Arkansas City, KS

Q: Will we give Patrick Mahomes his first interception of the season and the Chiefs their first loss?

A: Yes and yes.

Hank from Orlando, FL

Q: I am a fan of Leonard Fournette, but the offense is currently built around a guy that has struggled to stay healthy. Do you think the Jaguars should be looking at potential trade targets as there seems to be no one able to carry the load past T.J. Yeldon?

A: To answer your second point, I don’t think there will be any trades any time soon. To answer your first — I think offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett has done a very good job moving the focus of the offense away from your more traditional inside run game to a passing game that relies on crossers, short passes, and yards after the catch. Give credit to Blake Bortles too, he’s played well in two of the last three games and I suspect he’ll have a big day in Kansas City as well. Until Fournette comes back, what you saw against the New York Jets and New England Patriots is the offense and as long as Blake can stay focused and complete a high percentage of underneath throws, it will win them games.

Joakim from Stenungsund, Sweden

Q: Who should be the most concerned — the Chiefs offense against our defense, or our offense against the Chiefs defense?

A: The Chiefs offense against our defense.

Mike from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Q: Am I right in thinking this game is going to say a lot about our coaching staff more than it is about our players? This is pretty much a glorified playoff game and will probably determine home field advantage. Just like Pittsburgh last year nobody expected the Jaguars to come out and score some points and have a great game plan against a conference heavyweight on the road. Do you believe our coaching staff is up to this challenge? And if so what do you believe our game plan will be?

A: I think that’s a very good point about this being just as big a test for our coaching staff. We talk a lot about Jalen Ramsey vs. Tyreek Hill or Tashaun Gipson vs. Travis Kelce, but Doug Marrone vs. Andy Reid is a matchup we’re not talking about and the effectiveness of the game plan he and the rest of the staff have put together this week will determine the outcome just as much as any other matchup on Sunday. As far as the game plan you can expect from our offense, we wrote about it in length here but the long and short of it is Tthehe Jaguars should be targeting and exploiting the middle of the field of the Chiefs defense with wide receiver Dede Westbrook.