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Jaguars vs. Chiefs final score: 5 Jacksonville players who stood out in 30-14 loss


NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars cannot stay a consistently good team so far this season and the brunt of that is on quarterback Blake Bortles, who lights it up on even numbered weeks and plays like he bet his mortgage against himself on odd numbered weeks.

And against the Kansas City Chiefs, it was an odd numbered week, folks.

In honor of Blake’s five turnovers today — and the jersey number for the guy who was probably most to blame for the team’s collapse — let’s talk about the five players who most stood out today.

1. Blake Bortles

Do not look at the box score. Do not look at the stat line. It only tells you part of the story and it’s not even the most important. Not even the fact that Blake threw four interceptions and fumbled once tells you what you need to know. It’s the how that discourages me most about Blake’s play today.


What is this?

Or this?

Offensive coordinator went away from the run game early (for whatever reason) and Blake played as bad as he’s ever played. On three consecutive drives in the second quarter, Blake fumbled the ball away, threw a pick-six, and then threw another interception three yards away from the end zone.

2. Jermey Parnell

Like Blake, this was about as bad a game out of Parnell as I can remember. Blake was sacked five times and hit a total of 11 times, mostly because of the right side of the offensive line. (We’ll get to A.J. Cann next.)

I’ll blame Blake for the four interceptions, but Parnell deserves some blame on that fumble.

3. A.J. Cann

Aside from one of the five sacks today coming when Cann whiffed on Chris Jones, there was a play where Cann and Parnell seemingly just let their guys go by them and didn’t react until two or three seconds after the ball was snapped.

(If you have the video, please send it my way so I can include it here.)

In all, the offensive line played poorly, but Cann and Parnell were especially bad today.

4. Donte Moncrief

Moncrief led the game by a mile with 15 targets but he only came away with six catches. Some of those were on Blake, who missed him bad on two deep passes on the opening drive. Some of those were on scheme, like when he was asked to make a jump ball catch in the end zone and, well, he’s not very good at those. But some misses were on drops or unfinished routes.

5. Telvin Smith

I didn’t want to include anyone on the defense here on principle, since they’re going to catch unnecessary flak after holding the league’s best offense to just 23 points at home. But Telvin was woefully underwhelming in the first half before the game got away from the Jaguars. On the first series alone, he was beat three times in pass coverage — granted, one was a perfect pass from Patrick Mahomes, but the other two he was just late.

I mean, how do you defend that?

Honorable Mention: Nathaniel Hackett

God I hate blaming the offensive coordinator, but the offensive game plan was either awful or they moved away from it too early. T.J. Yeldon was doing well so unless he was injured, I don’t know why you are throwing on third and fourth down near the goal line, why Blake ends up with 70 drop backs (61 pass attempts, five sacks, and four rushes), why running backs had just 13 carries, why Moncrief was getting the lion’s share of carries, why we didn’t attack the middle of the field until the second half, and... I just don’t understand what I saw on offense today.