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Yannick Ngakoue now tied for seventh in Jacksonville Jaguars history with 22.0 sacks

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars managed just one sack on Patrick Mahomes in their 30-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday, but it helped propel Yannick Ngakoue higher into the franchise record books.

With a late second quarter chase down and sack on Sunday, Ngakoue is now tied for seventh in Jaguars history with 22.0 sacks, tied with Bobby McCray and Marcus Stroud.

To give you some sort of context of how good 22.0 sacks in 37 career games is, that’s a sack every 0.59 games. Tony Brackens, the franchise sack leader, finished with 55.0 sacks in 107 career games — one sack every 0.51 games. Only Calais Campbell (17.5 sacks in 21 games for a sack every 0.83 games) has a higher average.

Ngakoue needs just one more sack to surpass Gary Walker (22.5), seven more sacks to surpass Kevin Hardy and Gary Walker (28.5), and eight more sacks to surpass John Henderson (29.0) to get into the top three.

Joel Smeenge sits at second with 34.0 sacks and Brackens has 55.0 sacks.