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Bad calls, turnovers and poor QB play doom Jaguars

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars fell to the Kansas City Chiefs on the road 30-14 on Sunday in Arrowhead in a game that could have been a lot closer than the score ended up being. There were a myriad of issues that sunk the Jaguars, but one of the big ones happened early in the game when it was still in reach and only down 10-0.

The Jaguars had the ball on the doorstep, third-and-two on about the four-yard line and decided to throw a jump ball to Donte Moncrief. As expected, since Moncrief isn’t great at contested catches, fell incomplete and the Jaguars were on fourth down. I don’t think anyone would have quibbled with kicking a field goal and taking points on the road, but the Jaguars decided to go for it on fourth down and didn’t convert.

Going for it on fourth down here is perfectly fine. I wasn’t against it. If Austin Seferian-Jenkins holds on to the ball it’s at worst a first down and they get a few more tries. The real gaff was... if you knew you were going to go for it on fourth down why in the hell are you throwing the ball on third down?!

Run the dang ball.

Jaguars backup running back TJ Yeldon was straight up gashing the Chiefs defense during the drive. Run the ball on third-and-two if you’re planning to go for it on fourth down. It makes no sense to go back-to-back passing plays from point blank range if that’s the case. That choice and failure to execute started the snowball to the loss.

We always knew the Chiefs offense was going to score points on the Jaguars defense, no matter how good they were. Their offensive personnel is insane and tough for even the best defense to cover, and all things considered I think the Jaguars defense did about as best they could. They directly surrendered 20 points (Jags offense handed them 10) to the leagues best offense, on the road, while the offense turned the ball over four (5) times.

The failure in the redzone when it was 10-0 started the snowball and put the Jaguars in “catch up” mode, which they are absolutely not built to deal with. After the defense go another stop, limiting the Chiefs to a field goal, Blake Bortles threw one of the most brutal pick sixes I can remember him throwing to a big ol’ Chiefs defensive lineman on a screen pass.

Instead of entering halftime down a manageable 13-7 or 13-3, the Jaguars went in 20-0 and you knew the game was all but over.

I don’t typically criticize play calling in the moment or until I at least sit down for a second watch, because it’s easy to question a play immediately after it happens, but the call sequence inside the five yard line early in the game was atrocious and started the downward spiral to the loss.

Bortles had a rough day overall, but asking him to drop back to pass near 70 times is always going to be a recipe for disaster but that’s the situation the Jaguars found themselves in. They had repeated chances in the redzone and striking distance, but turned the ball over multiple times and left a lot of points on the field.

Credit to the Chiefs, they thoroughly outplayed the Jaguars, but that loss left an especially bad taste in my mouth because I felt like a close game was right there to be had and it just bounced off a lineman’s helmet.