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Big Cat Country Q&A: What if the Jaguars don’t draft a quarterback?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions the day after an embarrassing Jacksonville Jaguars loss to the Indianapolis Colts!

Buddy from Keansburg, NJ

Q: Who do you you think are the best quarterback options for the Jaguars in the 2019 NFL Draft?

A: How’s this for a hot take? I don’t think the Jaguars will draft a quarterback next year. Not in the first two rounds, at least. I think the front office stays for one more offseason and if this is the case they won’t unhitch their wagons from the Blake Bortles. Do I want this to happen? No. Is it becoming increasingly clear that as long as this front office and coaching staff is in place that it’s “Bortles or die” for them? Yup. If, however, there are major shakeups in the front office they’ll grab a quarterback with what is increasingly looking like a top-10 selection in the draft. I’ll defer to our friends at Mocking The Draft who know way more about quarterback evaluation than I do and it looks to be Dwayne Haskins out of Ohio State. He also thinks Daniel Jones out of Duke is good enough to be drafted in the top half of the first round. I’ve only seen a few games out of Will Grier and Tyree Jackson but I’ve liked what I’ve seen.

Michael from Palm Coast, FL

Q: Are we looking for new coordinators at seasons end? What position should we cover immediately in the offseason?

A: I’ll write more about this later, but I think Doug Marrone gets at least another season and I think both coordinators are gone at season’s end. The underperformance of a defense that has five or six Pro Bowl caliber players is inexcusable. And Nathaniel Hackett has been dealt a crappy hand but his play calling when Leonard Fournette is absent is a liability.

Eric from Poland

Q: How am I supposed to enjoy a lost season, after such a promising one? I’m devastated, but #dtwd.

A: The same way we’ve enjoyed all but one of the past decade — hope springs eternal.

Dustin from St. Augustine, FL

Q: Over or under on Leonard Fournette averaging 25 touches a game for the rest of the season? Why?

A: If Leonard Fournette is getting 29 touches in a game where we’re down at least one (sometimes two) scores on the road, I have to imagine that’s his floor. Over.

Conor from Philadelphia, PA

Q: Any chance we trade Jalen Ramsey in the offseason? If you look at his Instagram story from today he obviously wants out at some point.

A: We should not and we will not trade Jalen Ramsey. You don’t trade away a top-3 player at their respective position unless you’re Jon Gruden and our front office is bad but they’re not Jon Gruden. Let’s set one thing straight — the thing that makes Jalen Ramsey so good is what is going to rub people the wrong way. When you’re as competitive as he is and you hate losing as much as he does, tweets like today’s are going to happen. That’s the price you pay for having elite talent at a skill position. We haven’t had many of those as of late so it seems strange, even bad, that one of our players would send out some grumpy tweets, but that’s just what these guys do. Jalen was hustling — hustling — yesterday to try and cover for blown coverages. He was playing all over the field. I saw him in a safety’s position at times, all because he wants to win more than anything in the world. Do not worry about a single thing this man tweets, says, or does off the field.

Zachary from Jacksonville, FL

Q: If Blake Bortles can string together seven games that are above average to elite, is there any way this team decides to draft talent around him rather than replace him?

A: How many games does Blake Bortles need to play at a consistently high level before you don’t worry during the week that he’ll blow it on Sunday? Is there even a number? Because I’ve lost all faith that Blake can consistently be at least above average. He can string together two, three, even seven games like that. But on that eighth week, I’ll still be doubting. And that’s why he needs to be replaced.

Carson from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is it now safe to say that last year was a fluke, or are there still reasons to have hope in this season?

A: This season was over when Blake Bortles was benched. Plain and simple. I don’t think there’s a reason to have any hope for anything more than rookies developing and this franchise finally admitting to itself they need a different guy under center.

Marcellus from Pittsburgh, PA

Q: Will Landry Jones play against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

A: On that note — good night, everyone!