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My level of care for Jaguars vs. Steelers is at an all time low

NFL: Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Back in September when the Jacksonville Jaguars trucked the New England Patriots, I wrote about how it was the first time in almost a decade where I was a nervous wreck prior to and during the game. I had that anxious feeling back, the one where you get nauseous from the adrenaline pump you get while the game is going on and not expending it.

As it stands right now on Thursday, I found myself thinking that I should probably write a few things from for the game on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers but I would quickly get busy doing something and forget, reminding myself later on. I tweeted that I couldn’t remember the last time I had this little care for an upcoming game and that it was probably during the final season of the Gus Bradley era.

There was a point during that season that I came to the realization that going to the games on Sunday, having no expectation to even come close to winning, felt like an insane waste of my time. What was the point, you know? I knew we’d lose, the tailgating wasn’t fun anymore because it felt like everything was going through the motions.

It doesn’t feel that bad right now, I actually just flat out stopped going to the games after the second home game that year and just ate the tickets, but I’m currently undecided if I want to go on Sunday to the game. In a way, I’m kind of dreading it but feel like I should probably go because it’s the Steelers and they always same to play well against the Steelers.

But... it already feels like it’s going to be a light Jaguars crowd, in part because the season feels over and the game was dumped out of prime time a week ago. I know that wrecked a lot of people’s planned schedules, as some adjusted work and everything to make the night game so there’s a lot of available tickets floating around, undoubtedly that will be gobbled up by the sudden influx of Steelers fans in Middleburg and Green Cove.

Someone pointed out on Twitter the juxtaposition of how I felt following the game against the New England Patriots to now. There have only been seven games since then, but it feels like it’s been a whole other season entirely that has taken place since that game. It’s wild how the emotion and attachment can swing that hard, that fast.

That’s what happens when you lose five games in a row and everything appears to be in disarray.

Sports are dumb.