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Why does Dave Caldwell want to trade away his only good first round pick?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Training Camp Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter said on ESPN this morning the word around the league is that the Jacksonville Jaguars may consider trading Jalen Ramsey this offseason.

Really. A real thing said.

Tom Coughlin, the same man who extended right-handed Tim Tebow and drafted a fragile running back over two ascending quarterbacks, wants to trade Jalen Ramsey. One of the few competent things about the team and they want him gone because of his mouth.

Blake Bortles and Taven Bryan are some of the worst players on the team, but they toe Tom’s company line and are complete doofuses, so their spots are fine.

Dave Caldwell, the same man who drafted one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL at third overall and drafted a mega bust defensive end from Florida, wants to trade away literally his only good first round pick ever.

The bad players on this team never get held accountable, and the good ones get threatened to ship off for not towing company lines.

If this is something that actually happens it would be the first time I’d advocate for fans to divorce themselves from the team. They should help the team pack for London. Football would be dead in Jacksonville — and Tom Coughlin and Dave Caldwell will be who killed it.