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If the Jaguars have that little trust in Blake Bortles, bench him

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars blew a 16-0 lead against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday because of quarterback Blake Bortles. Point blank. There is no more dancing around it or hedging anymore. The Jaguars lost because Blake Bortles is bad and it’s painfully obvious that the coaching staff has zero belief in his ability as a passer.

The Jaguars passed the ball a total of 18 times and it felt like at a certain point they decided they weren’t even going to play around anymore and even try to pass it. Late in the game there was one specific play that was just the epitome of what the day was.

Man, what in the hell. You’re looking right at the wide open guy?

Also, in one of the most disrespectful calls I’ve ever seen watching the NFL, the Steelers accepted a holding call on 3rd and 1, rather than go to 4th and 1 because they knew that the Jaguars would not be able to convert a 3rd and 11, because they’d have to pass the ball. Mike Tomlin dared Blake Bortles to get a first down and they obviously couldn’t.

It was soul crushing.

If you have that little faith in the quarterback that you can’t even call a play-action deep shot against a team selling out to stop the run then why is he even playing?

We can shift the attack to offensive coordinator Nate Hackett if you want, but again, how are you supposed to game plan with a quarterback like that?

I apologize if this is rambl-y. I’m just.