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Mike Tomlin didn’t make any halftime adjustments against the Jaguars because he didn’t have to

Pittsburgh Steelers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

When the Pittsburgh Steelers found a way to snatch a victory out of what looked like certain defeat, us fans were left scratching our heads.

How did they do that?

Why is our offense so bad?

What can we even hope for with Blake Bortles in at quarterback?

After a first half where the Jaguars produced 156 yards you’d think the Steelers coaches would make some defensive adjustments.


When speaking with the media after the game, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said the team didn’t make any adjustments

“We didn’t make any adjustment, seriously,” Tomlin said. “I found my comfort in the fact that we were stopping them.”

With the passing game producing just 31 yards at halftime, it’s no surprise that Tomlin thought adjustments were unnecessary. He had zero faith in the Jaguars offense to produce any meaningful yards that would lead to significant points. And in the law of averages, no matter how good a defense is, they’re going to give up a touchdown or two to a Hall of Fame quarterback and the best wide receiver in the league.

After all, this is a coach who accepted a holding penalty when it would have been fourth down to give the Jaguars an even longer third down which resulted in a sack and a fumble for an additional 11-yard loss.

This is the state of the Jaguars offense — coaches around the league can give their polite answers before and after games, but they do not respect Blake Bortles as an NFL quarterback. The Steelers were down 9-0 on the road and they didn’t change a thing because they knew the Jaguars would beat themselves.

And that’s exactly what happened.